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Fit for purpose. Designed for living.

Fit for purpose. Designed for living.

Custom modifications

At Gateway Special Vehicles, we will build, customise, modify, improve your bespoke Land Rover!

We offer various quality accessories and encourage you to contact us.

Automatic drive Defenders came out in limited numbers. So if you cannot drive stick, no problem. We can convert yours to an automatic-transmission workhorse. And if you believe the British drives on the wrong side due to their steering wheel that is incorrectly “right-placed”, we can sort you out with a left hand drive operated vehicle.

Our showcase portfolio page will be launching soon.

Who knew ruggedness could be so attractive?

Accessorise the family member who sleeps outside.
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Tel: 021 981 7781

Tel: 021 873 0718 / 021 864 1069